Tuesday, July 05, 2005

All Hail the Porcelain god

Yesterday in the pool, Gracie actually got halfway out to pee. She has shown every indication that she is ready to be potty trained, minus the energy & motivation I need to do it (she also loves to take her diaper off before leaving us "presents" outside). She's only 17mos, but Randy & I were both well acquainted with the porcelain god by the time we were 18mos. So last night I decided that today would be the day.
Here's how my morning went:
  • Up at 4:45 (she heard a rumor that too much sleep can kill you - she's not taking any chances).
  • To the gym by 8am.
  • Great workout, feeling positive.
  • To Target to get pretty Dora the Explorer panties, plastic lined panties, absorbent panties, & pull-ups. It was an event, I tell you.
  • Target didn't have the plastic lined panties.
  • Didn't buy anything, headed for Wal-Mart.
  • Wal-Mart had the plastic lined panties & the Dora the Explorer panties, but nothing else.
  • Selected the above plus blue absorbent panties.
  • Dragged screaming kid around while employee searched for pink absorbent panties (which they have at Target, but not Wal-Mart).
  • Picked up a box of cookies on the way to the register.
  • Shared all of said cookies with screaming child in the car on the way home. So glad I worked out this morning.
We'll start official potty training after her nap. She'll be spending the day outside, in case of imminent accidents. Keep your fingers crossed! xoxo

More Laughlin stories soon. Kristal sent me her pics. You can see them all here.
Number of times a variation the word panty appears on this blog: 8 and counting


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