Sunday, June 19, 2005

More proof that I am, in fact Mother of the Year

If you think I'm crazy after that last post, I understand. If not, feel free to leave a comment to let me know that I'm not a total nut.
I was all ready to talk about the sanctity of daddyhood today & what an impact fathers have on their daughters (Dad, I love you!!!). But then we briefly stopped by Nessa's house. I don't get to see Kristal nearly as much as I'd like to, since she lives in Vegas, but she makes a few trips back to town.
Anyway, we're all visiting in the backyard. Gracie makes a bee=line for the pool. I follow her. She sits down & dangles her feet. She backs in & stands on the step. She gets back out & splashes her feet in the water again. I think, ok, she respects the water & I'm here with two firefighters & a P.A. We're in good hands. [Do you see where this is going?] I go back to chatting with the Nessas while Gracie plays on the swim step fifteen feet away.
Surprise, surprise - she jumped in. Floated face down in the water for the longest 10 seconds of my life. Kristal & I both raced over & grabbed her heals. No harm done. It scared Gracie a little, but 30 seconds later, she was giggling as usual. Although that was one of the scariest moments of my life, I think it was good for her (except for the swallowing water part). After her "swim," she was done with the pool for the night. Stayed far away. Life vests will now be worn 24-7 while in Laughlin. I am so far ahead in this Mother of the Year Contest, the competition has gone home.
Oh yeah (how could I forget?) - as if it wasn't enough, Gracie then proceeded to take off her diaper & leave a little "treat" for the Nessas on their porch. They can't wait for us to come back. xoxo


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