Friday, June 10, 2005


Kimi & the kids came over for dinner tonight. It's become a ritual for us: when the boys are working, we do dinner (I think the guys are kinda jealous that we see each other more than we see them sometimes). Along with dinner, we usually have to throw the kids in the bath. I may have mentioned that they sometimes get a little promiscuious & love to pass out kisses in the tub. Kimi & I think it's adorable. Randy hates it (he's such a good daddy).

You should know that Gracie & Riley have an arranged marriage. We've decided we'll make great inlaws & he's adorable, so we approve. For all of you protective friends, family members, etc. here's his spec's:

Riley Dane Broesel
Born: September, 2003
Blond hair, Green eyes
Hobbies: Crackers, dancing, swimming, hanging at the lake, mowing the lawn, and showing off his big sexy belly.

Grandpa Bill says he approves, as long as Riley gets a good job. Randy is going to be highly disturbed (rightly so?) by this post. Aren't they a match made in heaven? xoxo

Gracie's kissy face, finally caught on film!

Going in for a smacker.


At 11:27 AM, Blogger carrie said...

how. adorable!


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