Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Peanut. Peanut Butter. And Jelly

Business first:
  1. With all of the parents & non-parents out there, I only got one comment on yesterday's post? C'mon, people!
  2. We're leaving for Idaho early Thursday a.m. We should be back in about two weeks. I'll have no way to blog while I'm gone & I'm feeling a little anxious about this.
  3. Going to Idaho to see the inlaws' new cabin & help Rus & Joy move. So sad that they're moving.
  4. Got a new camera. I LOVE IT!!!!
With business out of the way, here's today's real post:

Took Gracie to Panera Bread for dinner tonight. I'm a little put off because a)they charged me $12 for a kids drink, PB & J, a chicken sandwich & some chips that we didn't want and b)when I left Gracie on one side of the restaurant to collect our food & distracted, I set the pager-thingy on the counter instead of in the basket, the glorified fast food guy behind the counter pointed to it and said, "No, that goes in the basket," then waited while I mumbled, "Oh, sorry," and put it in the *correct* place. He was much more rude than I'm making him sound.
I didn't plan on writing about the rude old guy behind the counter. Let me ask you, if you were to eat a PB & J sandwich, where would you start? With the crusty sides? Maybe on the cut edge, where the jelly is oozing out? If you're GracieGirl, then you start in the very middle of the sandwich. It's extra yummy that way.

(GracieGirl is her new superhero name). xoxo


At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Janet said...

Cute! Have fun in Idaho! We'll miss you. How about a girl's night out when you get home??? I'll call ya in two weeks.

At 4:40 AM, Blogger Rachael said...

Hey - just think - if you have two toddlers, you can SPLIT the PH&J, therefor saving money! :-) I will email my diatribe regarding more children to you!


At 8:19 AM, Blogger nicole said...

Rach - Two toddlers?!? I especially wanted your advice (two girls can't always be easy).
Janet - I'll be counting on a GNO when we get back. Also, we're going to the river on 8/21 - wanna go? xoxo


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