Sunday, July 24, 2005


Did you know that Gracie now owns everything in the entire universe? Her new favorite word is *mine*. She uses it constantly & it can mean many different things.
This morning, after she woke up & cuddled with me for a millisecond, she promptly labeled my pillow forcefully as, "Mine!" Many times, this version of mine is accompanied by grabbing the possessed object in her hands and turning her shoulders away from you - so you really know who the owner of that dirty sock is.
Other times, she'll say the two syllabled "mi-ine." I've even caught her saying this one to herself & to her toys.
She has also spoken the questioning "mine?" This one is much rarer, seeing as she would much rather claim something & avoid the hassle of asking permission.
She turns 18 months old in a few weeks. So far, yet so very very close to the legendary terrible twos. Maybe this way she'll get past it sooner? All one can do is hope! And yet, I'm still so glad that she is mine! xoxo
ps - I added more pictures of the little angel here.


At 5:13 AM, Blogger Rachael said...

That girl is just precious. :-) I'll have to find you a copy of the Toddlers Property Rules shirt that Jordin used to gives all the "mine" rules!



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