Tuesday, July 12, 2005


In case you ever wanted to speak Gracie:
  • Tractor: Drac-duh! Always shouted with pure excitement.
  • No: no-no-no-no
  • Milk: moo (see also more, juice, water, & cow)
  • Juice: moo or juu
  • Water: moo or wa wa
  • More: moo
  • Horse: ah-oah! Also shouted with excitement.
  • Back: bak (meaning I/he/she will be back, or put it back)
  • Snack: nack
  • Love you: la-lu
  • Airplane: mooh! (meaning moon)
  • Kitty: hiss
  • Baby: b-b
  • Bug: buh-uh
  • Bad Dog: Bam bo. Said while nodding in agreement.
  • Boat: bow
  • Duck: qua-quack
  • Cow: moo or caw
  • Eskimo Kiss: nos (meaning nose)
  • Mouth: mow
  • Eyes: eye
  • Ears: ear-ah
  • Swing: swee
Organized by frequency of use.
Bolded syllables are accented.


At 10:03 PM, Blogger Malia said...

I can relate. I think Emma and Gracie are the same age, almost 20 months. My son, Jackson, on the other hand, occasionally he is still hard to understand, especially when he is whining because he still has that baby lisp. We call it Jacksonese.



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