Friday, September 02, 2005

Fairly Good Time

We went to the fair last night. Randy bought me a beer. Me, being the Mother of the Year that I am spilled half of it all over Gracie's stroller. Now, I'm sure that whenever we take GracieGirl somewhere in the stroller, people will be thinking to themselves, "I wonder why that cute baby smells like beer?" and "No wonder she's such a happy baby." That's why she slept so well when I was nursing her, you know.
Apart from the beer spilling incident (I promise I'm not a lush), we had a pretty good time at the fair. I ran into way too many old friends and students - all of which I'm sure were wondering about the suspicious beer-smell. Gracie rode a camel & a horse. Each time smiling for the camera. That kid is a total ham. She calls a horsie a "uhh-uhuhh!" She patted the face of many "moo's" & "baa's" and even a pig for which she makes a grunting noise. She uses that grunting noise for just about any unexplained animal.
We also took Gracie on one of the rides. It was a huge slide. We weren't sure if she'd like it or not, since she's been such a scaredy-cat lately. When she came off the slide, all she could say is, "Moooore!" "Moooore!"
The "uhh-uhuhh!" Ride

The Slide
Gracie & Randy are behind the guy in purple who got in my way.

The Camel Ride with Kimi & the Kids


At 5:22 PM, Anonymous Janet said...

Did you eat any delicious fair food? Because that's the reason I go to the fair. Tacos, corn, funnel cake. Mmm.


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