Sunday, August 28, 2005

I Can Do It!

We're back from the river. Had a great time playing in the sun (110 degree heat). One of my favorite memories will now be floating down the river in the dark, drinking cheap wine, chatting with Randy while our baby girl is sleeping soundly next to me in the boat.
More importantly though, I CAN NOW JUMP THE WAKE!!! This means that when wakeboarding, I can jump from one side of the "V" the boat makes in the water to the other. It's probably about 6 feet across & 3 feet high, but it's enough to feel scary, in a good way.
I have been wakeboarding on & off since 1998, and I've been trying to jump the wake for the last 3 summers (pregnancy did slow me down a little). It really shouldn't have taken me so long, but I didn't always have the guts to try hard enough. Be excited for me. Be very excited for me.
It should also be noted that I have been a cripple for the last three days because of all the wakeboarding & crashing.
Next up: Buena Vista in September. xoxo


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