Friday, April 15, 2005

For Sale

It's official, the sign is in front of the house. We're selling our lovely home. Where will we live, you ask? The house we're building won't be ready for at least another year. So, in the mean time, we're moving back into the rental. The rental is a cozy little one bedroom (that's right, one bedroom) house in Leona Valley. We lived there before we bought our Quartz Hill home. The advantage to living in the rental is that we will actually be able to afford this project we've started. We'll also be down the street from the house we're building, so we can be a little closer to the construction.
I have to say, I am a little nervous about moving into such a small space. There were times before when it felt crowded, and now we are three. But I'll be much happier living there than having my Randy work 10 extra days a month. We've decided that when we start to get cabin fever, we'll take the camper out or go on vacation (we're pretty good at that). Vacation is a good way to save money, right?
I'll post pictures soon. xoxo


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