Sunday, April 03, 2005

Busy doing nothing.

Do you ever feel like you're super busy, but when you sit down to think about what you've been doing - you can't? I know I've spent the last week doing lots of stuff (whatever it was, it's worn me out). Here's how I've spent my time (in percentages, of course):
  1. 25% of my time - Still trying to fix my DVD burner.
  2. 25% - Sleep
  3. 13% - boring stuff like shopping, household stuff, etc.
  4. 8% - the gym, although I've been a little neglectful lately.
  5. 5% - TV. I have a guilty pleasure, which I'm not about to admit.
  6. 24% - Misc.

Here's how I figured this out, in case you're interested. (Remember, if you're not, you may always go somewhere else in this www. But I won't tell you where to go.):

  1. Gracie has been napping 3+ hours/day, and I stay up about 3 hours after she's gone to sleep. This is when I mess with my geeky stuff. The geek in me is becoming more obvious considering the above percentages. I promise, it's not as bad as it may look!
  2. About 6 hours/night. Pretty lucky, considering I have a toddler!
  3. I usually clean the house in the a.m. & then pick up a little after dinner. I added a little extra for groceries, laundry & stuff. Let me emphasize that this is very approximate, I'm really not that AR.
  4. Yes I know, 2 hours a day is a little much for the gym, but it's my time to do something for me. Plus Gracie loves the day care & they love her. They even bought her a little outfit for Christmas.
  5. Ok, I'll admit it. I've been TiVo-ing a nameless soap. I feel so (dirty, ashamed, WT. . .). This is also done while the angel is asleep.
  6. I know that's a lot of miscellaneous, but I figure this is the time spent with family & friends. Tickling Gracie, changing diapers, hugging my man, talking to my girls on the phone, loving all of the good stuff. Please note that I saved the best for last. If I hadn't been so long winded, I probably would elaborate more.

In the words of my namesake (according to Rusty), Tigger, "TTFN, Ta ta for now." xoxo

PS - Gracie can now give the un-P.C. Eskimo kisses (where you rub noses). It has to be one of my favorite things, right up there with her laugh.


At 12:01 AM, Blogger Janet said...

I always wonder where the day went when it is 10pm and I realize that I completed absolutely nothing worthwhile during the day. Today was actually pretty good, though. I got a lot done.

In the last 15 hours:
20% Sleeping. Hey! It's Spring Break!
5% Costco
10% Breakfast with Dad.
20% Cleaning, Laundry. Making Dinner. Etc.
5% Talking on the Phone.
10% Movie--Motorcycle Diaries (Very Good!)
30% Who Knows? Internet and ???? Uh.....???...

Not being a math whiz, it took me awhile to figure those percentages out.

I like BOTH of the Easter pictures. Gracie looks really, really cute in the top one!


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