Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Even more rubbish

Slept in 'til six forty-five this morning, so now I'm fully recovered from the Lack of Sleep experiment Gracie was performing on me.
Try this one on for size: one of the highlights of my day was that my much anticipated trash can arrived by UPS. The exciting part was that I was able to put it together all by myself (only had to fix one mistake) with a toddler dancing on the parts & trying to eat the screws. It was way more involved than you'd think: It came in a flat box, and the trash can is definitely not flat - lots of assembly required.
Can you believe I've now had two entries about a trash can? Maybe I'll make this a trend. Future articles could include "The Joys of Recycling" and "Things People Throw Away." Ok, maybe that's a bad idea.
One final thing about trash: When I've finished changing her, Gracie now throws her diaper in the trash - pretty cute! xoxo


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